5 Affordable Getaways That Don’t Require A Visa For South Africans.


The Bahamas is an obvious one for those who seek to have fun, but also relax in a beautiful tropical climate and setting. The Bahamas are made of 700 islands, 2000 if you include the cays. Favourite islands are Nassau and The Exumas.

BUCKET LIST: Water sports, coral reef divings, famous nightlife, the Junkanoo festival (Nassau). Bonus: it’s pretty close to Miami (not visa-free, though).



An island-lovers favourite for a reason. Thailand’s many idyllic islands offer crystal clear waters and the ultimate relaxing beach holiday. All this at bargain food, accommodation and flight prices make it a traveler’s must stop.

BUCKET LIST: Temples, night life, markets and beautiful nature landscapes.


South of Ireland is visa-free, but traveling to the North will require a visa as Northern Island is part of the UK. The South of Ireland boasts the coast, for those who desire warm days in, watching waves.

BUCKET LIST: Ireland boasts many literary greats – like Oscar Wilde – and is a writer and artlover’s paradise with it’s various museums, cathedrals and art galleries.


A country not far from home. Cheap Flights states that more and more South Africans are choosing to explore more of their own continent. Which is great, because this contributes to African countries’ tourism, thereby supporting the economy- add to that a dose of proudly African feels, and you have an eye-opening, inspiring experience.

BUCKET LIST: Victoria Falls, which borders neighbour (and is also visa- free) Zimbabwe. Explore the gorges, forests along the great Zambezi river.



Though most of South America welcomes South Africans, visa-free, Peru is a top South American destination. The reasons are obvious,just take a look below.

BUCKET LIST: Exploring ancient cities and sites, like the Inca ruins in the Andes and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu. Cheap Flights states Choquequirao a must visit if you want to explore unbothered by other curious tourists. The Amazon Rainforest which stretches into Brazil – another visa-free country.



Adapted from Cheap Flights’ Top 10 visa-free holiday destinations.

Image via Pinterest: Bella Hadid by Terry Richardson for Portier magazine