Apeiron is a platform for youth conversation of social issues, news and a filter for creative projects and collaboration.

My aim for this site, and anything stemming under the same name, is simply to share news, opinions and open discussion on topics that are relevant to the modern youth. Not only mine, but to provide a platform for other aspiring writers and artists to share their voices and passions.

According to Wikipedia ‘Apeiron’ (ἄπειρον) is a Greek word meaning “unlimited,” “infinite”, or “indefinite”. And I believe it’s a word of positive energy, that embodies our personal capacity and united capacity for change when united.

This is no platform for hate speech and trolling. The main aim is to learn, discuss and share. Your comments will be removed if it shows a misunderstanding of the basic human right of freedom of speech- i.e: confusing this right with hate speech, discrimination and slander (which you do, conversely, not have the right to exercise). -Zoya Pon, editor of Apeiron Online


Contributions and contributors are most welcome for this site. Please email me at zoyapon@gmail.com with a topic in mind and, if any, previous written pieces you’ve done.

If you would like to see certain topics, people or projects being featured please post on or message the Facebook group.

Spread the word.